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City Routes

1. Ancient Neapolitan routes:
It may start where all started. From the shore where the siren Partenope died while chasing Ulyssis and the first greek settlement ( Palepolis) was created, here now lays the wonderful Castel dell' Ovo (The Egg Castle) enclosing a legacy from the past where myth and reality mix continuously.
A nice and short walking lead us through the monumental squares of Piazza Plebiscito and Piazza Municipio where there are impressive monuments as the Royal Palace, the Royal Theatre, The Prince Umberto Gallery and the New Castle. All around we have elegant pedestrian shopping areas, the main public buildings with their typical fascist architecture and the financial district.
In a while we’ll end in the historical centre ( the old Neapolis) where it's easy to recognize the signs of more than two thousand years of history. From the urban lay out, still keeping the shape of the old greek roman city, divided in small alleys (decumani and cardins) to an incredible treasure in terms of arts and traditions, clues of the tumultuous history of this Naples claiming to be the cultural capital of Southern Italy and a key city in the Mediterranean scenery.
In this labyrinth we meet hundreds of churches, reminding us all ages and styles, then, the old Universities and wonderful palaces on big squares opening up suddenly in narrow and densely populated alleys.
Thirty metres below, another city, the so called Napoli Sotterranea The Underground Naples “: another fascinating labyrinth of galleries and wide cisterns, built during the greek-roman times and that was until 1800 the city’s aqueduct. After its dismissal, here people sought shelter from bombings of World War II. Nowdays it’s open to the public in some parts.
The Historical centre is also the right place for appreciating the typical neapolitan pastry, the best pizza and all smells, colours and voices of the popular Naples, famous worldwide for its vivacity.

Length of the tour: a satisfactory overview can be done in half a day. It can be also a walking tour touching the three main areas, the waterfront, the monumental area and the historical centre
Cost of the tour: 160 euros half day-200 euros full day

Castel dell'Ovo sec. XII

Maschio Angioino

San Lorenzo Maggiore Churche's sec.XIII

the street "Spaccanapoli"

San Domenico Maggiore Churche's sec. XIII


Museum Routes

2. The National Museum
It’s the richest and most important Italian museum, and so of the world, for classic arts. Here you can see the once private collection of the ancient and mighty Farnese family, that included many treasures of the ancient Rome. But, first of all, that’s where are shown the extraordinary findings of Pompei, Ercolano and the other minor sites of the bay as well as from all the southern provinces of the former Kingdom of Naples where Magna Grecia expanded 2000 years earlier. The Erotic Room is for sure the weirdest ever seen example of classic arts. The Museum includes also a rich collection of Egyptian artifacts, ancient coins and gems of certain interest.

Standard tour length: 2 hours (longer tours are possible)
Cost for a guided standard tour 115 euros
Entrance ticket :6,5 euros
Closed on Tuesday

3. Capodimonte Museum
Surrounded by the biggest city park, lays the recently renewed Museum of Capodimonte located in what was another Bourbonic Royal Palaces. Its huge rooms are hosted more than 200 hundred paintings of famous artists as Caravaggio, De Ribeira, Masaccio, Tiziano, Michelangelo, Botticelli etc. Some of them come again from the private collection of the Farnese and Borgia’s families. Here are shown also the delicate masterpieces of the Royal Ceramics Factory while last floor is dedicated to Contemporary Art.

Standard tour length: 1,5-2 hours (longer tours are possible)
Cost for a guided standard tour 115 euros
Entrance ticket : 7,5 euros
Closed on Wednesday

4. Museum of the Saint Martin’s charterhouse.
Situated on the top of a hill dominating the city, the Charterhouse and the nearby fortress of S.Elmo's Castle have been one of the most represented icons of the city during the centuries. The Museum of Saint Martin is hosted in an old benedectine monastery from the XIIIth century, that was enriched with new decorations century by century so that today offers to the visitor many some of the best masterpieces of Renaissance in Naples.
Since its birth as Museum it became also a civic museum with a wide range of art works and curiosities of Naples. Few metres higher there's S.Elmo's Castle, an amazing fortress dominating all the area of Naples and is now days housing several art and cultural happenings. Scenery is breath-taking.

Standard tour length: 1,5/2 Hours
Cost for a guided standard tour 115 euros
Entrance ticket for Museum of Saint Martin: 6 euros
Entrance ticket for Sant’Elmo castle
Closed on Wednesday

Capodimonte Museum

Certosa San Martino Museum sec.XIV

Other Museums:
Museum of the Chappell S.Severo,
Museum of Zoology and Minerals,
Museum of Villa Pignatelli.
Museum of Villa Floridiana,
Museo of Royal Palace,
Museo of the new Castle,
adre: Contemporary Art Museum
Pan: Palace of Arts of Naples


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