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guide in Venice. Tour in S. Marco, Basilica and Ducale Palace

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Naples Guided Tours


In Naples Today operates exclusively with young and local professional guides who use all their experience to organize personalized and enjoyable tours throughout all Naples bay up to Caserta’s Royal Palace and the Amalfi Coast.
Our mission is doing our best to make your stay as pleasant and comfortable as you wish.


We can arrange tours for small parties, as families and groups of friends on holiday together, as well as for large groups, as schools or conferences guests. Special tours are arranged also for visitors arriving by cruise ship and so with very limited time and wishing to spend it in the best possible way.

For multiple sites or long distance tours out of Naples, we can provide private transportation by AC provided van, cars or coaches with professional drivers.
Price depend on the type of vehicle is needed and for which destination.
For some sites, public transportation is also available and may be an option.

The tour will be entirely designed to meet your interests, curiosities and requirements during your stay in Naples.


Select a tour, specify date, number of participants, and some logistic details about your stay or arrival ( hotels, cruiseship, train-plane etc.) and write us about your special wishes or priorities.

One of our guides will promptly reply and provide all the necessary information. Once we define together tour and details, we’ll confirm you the reservation. Payment will be at the end in cash




They are divided in four main branches:
Naples City Routes, Museum Tours, Archaelogical Sites, Sea town and scenic routes and Naturalistic Tours.
Of course they can be combined on request within the half or full day.
A deep knowledge of the area and a proved experience is what will help us to serve you better.

City Routes

1. Ancient Neapolitan routes: main points of interest are located around the Ancient "decumani and cardins" of the Historical centre that is laying over the same lines of the 2000 years old settlement of Neapolis.

2-3-4. Museum Routes: Castel S. Elmo, The National Museum and Capodimonte's Museum with its big park

· Surrounding itineraries in the Gulf of Naples
5. Pompeii
Pompeii shouldn't need any presentation for its uniqueness and extraordinarity
6. Ercolano
Ercolano was another sea town affected by Vesuvio eruption of 79 D.C. but while Pompeii was buried by ashes, Eculaneum was drowned by piroclastic fluxes that sealed the old town under more than 20 mtrs of mud hard as the rock.
7. Oplonti- Villa of Poppea
8. Boscoreale- Antiquarium
9. Stabia
10. Vesuvian Villas

· The Gulf of Pozzuoli and Campi Flegrei
situated to the north west of Naples, are one of the most interesting spots out of Naples city. In effect it's divided form Naples simply by the hill of Posillipo, and it's considered as part of the whole Naples area, even if it has more than few peculiar signs that make it different from all the rest.
10. Pozzuoli :
Puteoli was at the beginning another greek colony, as old as Naples if not older, to become later on the most important see port for the provisions of the Imperial Rome.

11. Baia and Miseno:
In the middle of Pozzuoli's Gulf there is Baia, once the nicest and richest resort of the Roman Empire. Situated in a bizarre volcanic scenario, its beauty was soon caught by Julius Cesar and Augustus who established here there residences and followed later on by Nerone, Caligola, Lucullo and many more. Baia became a land of gardens and luxurious residences built by the most innovative building techniques.

12. Cuma:
Immediately out of the Campi Flegrei there's Cuma, the second settlement of Magna Grecia around Naples after that of Pythecusa.

Historical Sea towns and scenic routes

13. Sorrento main points of interest are located around the Ancient "decumani and cardins" of the Historical centre that is laying over the same lines of the 2000 years old settlement of Neapolis.

14. The Amalfi coast: Castel S. Elmo, The National Museum and Capodimonte's Museum with its big park

· The Islands
15. Capri
The Pearl of the Gulf, with a shape of pregnant woman laying in the sea, Capri has seducted emperors, directors, politicians, philosophers and normal people either by its wild beauty or by the dolce vita you may always smell in the air.
16. Ischia
Ischia, known as the Green island, is actually another volcanic island that form the extreme point of Campi Flegrei. Much bigger than the other islands, it hosts also an old not active volcan and dozen of still active termal springs.
17. Procida
The smallest island of the Gulf, is a little treasure of Mediterranean taste with fishermen villages that go on the steep edges of this other volcanic island.

Historical Sea towns and scenic routes
If you would like to go trekking in the nature on breath taking itineraries you can choose among three main aternatives
18. Vesuvio and Valle dell'Inferno
19. Monte Nuovo
20. Solfatara and Cratere degli Astroni




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Fees are a fixed amount for groups up to 20 people.
After that there is an increase of 15-20%.
Fees are indicated by each tour.
Of course asking for more services there may be a “personalized price” too,
usually on the basis if it’s half or full day tour, and on the type of demanded services.

Special agreements can be found with regular intermediaries or Agencies.
Entrance tickets for museum or archaeological sites are not included


It’s a special card issued by the local tourist authority that give free access or a 50% discount to all cultural and museum sites in Naples or Campania’s Region. It’s very convenient especially for those who plan to stay from 3 days to 1 week in this region visiting cultural sites and using public transportation , or for who think may come back here several times in one year. There are special fees for young people in between 18-25.

In general for EU citizens and some more nationalities ( not USA), entrance is always free for minors and over 65.


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